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To open the Healer bot you must click the button Bot Healer Button.PNG that is below your equipment slots.

Healer Settings

  • When - Decide if this spell is going to trigger depending on your health, health percent, mana or mana percent.
  • Is - Decide if it's going to get triggered above or below previous setting and at what value.
  • Randomize - This will cast the spell at random if the above statements are 97-100% true.
  • Up arrow - Moves a spell/item up one row, giving it a higher priority.
  • Down arrow - Moves a spell/item down one row, giving it a lower priority.
  • New - Creates a new entry.
  • Delete - Deletes the entry currently selected.

Spell Healing:

  • Phrase - The spell you're going to cast.

Item Healing:

  • Item - The item id you're going to use.

NOTE: You can left click the "mana potion icon" to select the item of your preference instead typing the item id.

Bot Healer.PNG.