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Since this wiki is being updated at this moment, we won't have an available beginners guide for you on this moment, unfortunately.

But, I can put here some usable links that can help you through your journey.
If you're looking for tips, I'll put some info on the end of this page.

List of Updated Content

For content related to Bot:

For content related to Gear:

For content related to Character:

For content related to Currencies:

For content related to Tasks:

For content related to Monsters:

For content related to Challenges:

For content related to Crafting:

List of Content To Be Updated

Pages to be updated:

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"I found a wrong information on wiki!"
R: Call Gabr on Discord.

"I would like to suggest a topic to be added here!"
R: Please put all suggestions on Discord, on this topic here: [1]

"I think the information about XXX is a bit confusing!"
R: Call Gabr on Discord, and he will check how to optimize it.

"Where will it be available in Portuguese?"
R: As soon as the english version (global) gets finished and polished. Then, it will be time to expand to other languages.

Tips to Beginners

Well, so you decided to play Zoltyum for the first time, and felt yourself lost without knowing what to do, correct? If yes, then sit down because I’ll try helping you.

First things you must know here:

  • The server has a built-in bot and you’ll be crazy if you don’t use it. If you’re looking for a guide to configure it, search for “bot” on this guide, and if you don’t find it, don’t worry, it will be here as soon as possible. All I can say now, is use * on monster names to target all monsters.
  • Spells are your main source of healing and damage on this server, potion is just a complement to raise your healing output.
  • If you’re playing as a mage, your main source of mana healing will be “exom” and “exom gran” when you get enough level for it.
  • If you’re playing as a knight, your main source of health healing will be “exura ico”, and then “exura gran ico”. As a paladin, it will be “exura san” and then “exura gran san” when you get enough level for it.
  • The arm (armor) from your equipment is cumulative for your character. It means that every 1 arm your equipment has, it will reduce your damage from monsters in 10. Having a big amount of armor can even make you immune to monster attacks, so always aim for better equipment and upgrading your gear.
  • Skills and magic level are important, and you’ll receive a damage boost as higher as your skill gets. You can raise your skills on trainers, and by using a training weapon in an exercise dummy.
  • Hunting Tasks will support you with excellent rewards to upgrade your character and even with experience points. Before getting into any respawn, check with Tasker NPC if you have got all available tasks.
  • Gather a team or a service for the Rookie and the Promotion Quest. Equipment will be necessary to handle higher level monsters, and the promotion will give you more spells for level 100+, while boosting your regeneration a bit.
Sorry for not having a better guide here at this moment, but I hope you have fun with the information I gave you above.