Champion Challenge

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Champion Challenge

Champion Challenge is a feature that make you able to fight against a boss in exchange of some gold sacrifice.

On Salovar's room, you will find two basins with two different challenges (only solo sacrifice is available at moment).



  • Gold bars or crystal coins.


  • Increase the amount of money slowly to find which sacrifice suits better with your current progress.
  • Confirm during the NPC dialog if you put the correct amount of money.


Rewards depends on the amount of the sacrificed money, and they can be boosted by using a nocturnal global booster scroll.

Starting The Champion Challenge

Sacrifice the desired amount of money on the Solo Sacrifice basin (the one on the left).
The more money you sacrifice, more rewards the boss will yield, but the more stronger he will also be.

  • You will usually start with 500k.
  • The minimum amount depends on your max reached strength


To continue with the boss fight, interact with Salovar NPC and follow this dialog:

  • Hi > Yes > Yes > Yes > Solo > Yes

If you want a refund of your sacrificed money, follow this dialog:

  • Hi > Yes > Refund

Once you proceed, kill the boss and get your reward based on the amount of sacrificed money.



Salovar's Shop

As a reward from the fight, you'll get champion points in which you can spend on Salovar's Shop by saying "shop".

In here, you'll be able to buy nocturnal global boosters. This scroll will allow you to enable one from many available boosts to the whole server.

This offer is recursive, it will increase it's price everytime you purchase it within a 1 day range (PST) by the starting price of 100 champion points.


You'll get a champion challenge charge once every 6 hours, being able to stack 5 maximum charges.

You can obtain it through a recursive offer at the karma shop aswell.