Trial Of Heroes

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Trials of Heroes

Trial of heroes is an era long feature which will take you to several scenarios known as stages, with different missions, mechanics and bosses with an ever scaling difficulty.

For the moment stages 1 to 8 are available (stage 4 is harder than any desert content and 7 harder than winter content)

The first stage is recommended for players that reached at least level 500 and a decent gear.



  • Min of 2 players and a max of 4 players, so you must join in team.
  • Team members must be in party.
  • The lowest strength of a team member must be at the most 30% lower than the higher member strength of the team.
  • Team members can't be on cooldown, which lasts for 10 hours (same as Zoltyumdrome)


  • Runes are allowed, it means you can trap monsters by using magic walls, wild growths or elemental bombs.
  • Having more than 2 members increase Trials dificulty. If your team has 3 members, it will become 15% harder. Having 4 members, it will become 30% harder.


  • Completing each stage will reward your whole team, the more survivors means the more boxes the team will get (doesn’t apply on points).
  • Trial Boxes, which is the most rewarding box than any other current system (progression wise).
  • Trial Points, which can be spent in Avangart NPC in Trial of Heroes room.

Rewards can be boosted by using a nocturnal global booster scroll.

Starting Trial of Heroes

Once your team is ready, click on the statue in the middle of the room and hit enter.



Your main objective inside is to kill all monsters inside the stage, you check your current progress when a monster dies, or through Tasks channel.



Stage Boss

Every stage is separated by magic walls. Once you kill all monsters inside the stage, a boss will be summoned where this magic wall is.

Every stage boss has different mechanics you must find for yourself, so good luck during your trial, hero.


Trial of Heroes Progress System

This system allows you to further upgrade your character giving it permanent bonuses as long as you progress.

Points required to the next level are progressive, which means the next level will be expensive than the previous.

To spend your points earned during your Trial of Heroes run, talk to NPC Avangart on Trial of Heroes room.

Upgrade Name Effect
Boss Farmer Increases your chances to drop rares from bosses by 0.15%
Boss Slayer Adds 0.25% chance to get double boss coins from bosses
Fortune's Kiss Increases by 0.25% your orb finding chance
Hunter's Frenzy Increases your experience gain by 0.20%
Ferore's Embrace Increases your healing boost by 0.25%
Giant's Skin Increases your max HP by 0.25%
Durin's Blessing Multiplies your mining boost by 1%
Poseidon's Blessing Multiplies your fishing boost by 1%
Tree God's Blessing Multiplies your lumberjacking boost by 1%
Champion's Glory Multiplies your champion challenge rewards boost by 0.5%
Mind Power Increases your max MP by 0.25%