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Bastions are special spawns designed to incentive manual playing.
In these spawns, you are able to hunt for 30 minutes while monsters yields larger amounts of experience, and also have a chance to drop special crates which yield special rewards.

Beside that, bastion monsters completely ignores your armor, which means a level 200 and a level 1000 takes the same damage there.
What makes you more able to handle bastions, is how much you upgraded your character in terms of masteries, spells and HP/MP bonuses from addons or achievements

Like any other challenge, it can also be improved by getting some materials inside the bastion.



Bastions are located in both Nocturnia and Hoelbrak continent.

  • Nocturnia: Located north from -1 Champion Challenge area.


  • Hoelbrak: Located North from -1 Teleports area.



To enter a bastion, you must have at least a bastion charge. One charge means you have 30 minutes to hunt inside a bastion.
Entering a bastion consumes one charge, and it won't be given back if you leave, die, get kicked due to verification failure or run out of time.

Every character can stack a maximum amount of 3 charges and your character will automatically gain a charge every 8 hours.

To check your charges or its replenish time, you can use !myinfo command, and open Bastions option.



Since it is a manual content, sometimes you'll see a captcha to verify if you're not afk cavebotting, being forced to answer.
A verification screen will trigger and show you a random monster, and all you must do, is type the monster name and click on confirm.


  • You won't get attacked when the verification triggers.
  • Failing to reply the verification will result in another verification screen popping for a last try to verify your manual gameplay.
  • Failing to reply the second verification will result in you being kicked out of the bastion losing your current charge.

Special crates

These crates are dropped by recently defetead bastion foes. They can only be opened by the chest owner, and by opening them it will begin a 5 monster wave fight that you will be forced to complete in order to claim the rewards.

  • Boxes yield a 300 second timer which is the total time for you to beat the challenge, it starts counting once you loot the chest.
  • Dying or counter reaching 0 seconds will result in the removal of the special chest.


Some of the rewards you can obtain from it are:

  • bastion charms
  • veteran/elite tokens
  • exaltation dusts
  • upgrade crystals
  • spell stones
  • royal shadow coins

Bastion Master

The master of the bastion is the main responsible for changing the Bastion Level.
Being in a higher bastion level, means that you will get more experience, although you'll receive more damage and deal less damage inside the bastion.

Below, you can find all bastion levels and the buff/debuffs you get from it.

Level Damage Done Damage Taken Experience Gain
1 -10% +30% +20%
2 -20% +60% +40%
3 -30% +90% +60%
4 -40% +120% +80%
5 -50% +160% +100%
6 -60% +190% +120%
7 -70% +230% +140%
8 -80% +260% +160%
9 -90% +290% +180%
10 -95% +320% +200%