Zoltyumdrome Arena

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Zoltyumdrome Arena

Zoltyumdrome Arena is an endless survival challenge, where you can face different waves always harder than the previous one.

The best part of it, is that you can join solo or in a party with your friends. Being in a party, means that waves will spawn more monsters than being solo, getting the challenge to a higher level.

It is located north-east of the teleport area.


To start the challenge, click on the spyreport shown in the picture below and select if you want to go Solo or if you're entering in a Party


Monster Mechanics

On each wave, you will find 5 different monsters with their own ability:

Monster Name Class Effect
Domestikion.gif Domestikion Melee/Support Heals all monsters near it
Hoodinion.gif Hoodinion Ranged Casts AoE spells and has high damage spikes
Meridion.gif Meridion Ranged Consistent single target damage
Murmilion.gif Murmilion Melee Tanky with a higher defense
Scissorion.gif Scissorion Melee High single target damage

Arena Mechanics

Besides the waves of monsters, Zoltyumdrome comes with different mechanics designed to create a more challenging experience while running it.
At the beginning of each wave a specific mechanic will be set and will be cast every few seconds. Here is the list of possible mechanics.

The Floor Is Lava

Every 15 seconds several random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds they deal damage equal to 60% of the current HP of players standing on them.


Beam Me Up

Every 15 seconds several random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds all players on them will be teleported to a random position in the arena.


Tanked Up

Every 15 seconds several random fields will be marked. After 3 seconds all players on them will be superdrunk for 10 seconds and monsters on the wave will increase their difficulty by 10%


Frozen Seeds

2 frozen seeds will randomly spawn in the map, if you dont step on them before they grow they will explode freezing everyone by 4 seconds and increasing wave monsters by 20%


Exploding Barrels

Several explosive barrels will spawn in the arena, they will ignite after 3 seconds of spawned and dealing 30% of your total health/mana per barrel hit.


Exploding Corpses

When monster die they will explode dealing heavy damage on the area.


Arena Rewards

You will be rewarded with Zoltyumdrome points based on the last completed wave, each wave you reach will reward you its number in points.

For example: Completing wave 10 will reward you with 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 points (55 points in total).
If there is a worldboost active, then you'll receive 1.25x rewards once you finish your arena.

It’s also important to mention that Zoltyumdrome will remember your last wave completed and sends you back 9 waves on your next run, which means if you managed to get to wave 25 on your first run you won’t have to run waves 1 to 16 again.

Zoltyumdrome Seller

Now that you have enough points to spend, you can check out Zoltyumdrome Seller NPC.

Zoltyumdrome Seller makes you able to spend your points on permanent character bonuses.
Keep in mind that prices are progressive, which means that everytime you buy a bonus, the price is gonna get higher.

Also, offers have a purchase limit and you can see your level by the "Current" line.



Bonus Max Level Initial Price
+1% healing boost 20 150 Zoltyumdrome Points
+1% max HP boost 20 80 Zoltyumdrome Points
+1% max MP boost 20 80 Zoltyumdrome Points
+1 skills or magic level (depending on voc) 20 175 Zoltyumdrome Points
+1% damage boost 20 200 Zoltyumdrome Points