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The main source of experience in Zoltyum is by hunting monsters and farming creature products while playing.
As soon as you start your journey and head to the teleports, you'll find many creatures you can slay to earn experience points and creature products aswell.


Most spawns have creature products that are used on Crafting Addons on some NPC's.
Below, you'll see a list of all spawns available for hunt, and which usable creature products you can loot from there.

Nocturnia Spawns

Spawn Name Creature Products Mining Lumberjacking
  • none
none none
  • none
none none
  • tortoise egg: tortoise, thornback tortoise
  • turtle shell: tortoise, thornback tortoise, crocodile
  • piece of crocodile leather: crocodile
  • thorn: thornback tortoise
none none
  • minotaur horn: minotaur, minotaur archer, minotaur guard
  • minotaur leather: minotaur, minotaur archer, minotaur guard
  • piece of archer armor: minotaur archer
  • piece of warrior armor: minotaur guard
iron ore none
  • ape fur: kongra, sibang, merlkin
  • banana sash: kongra, sibang, merlkin
  • kongra's shoulderpad: kongra
none none
  • none
none poplar branch
Goblin Scavenger
  • bone: goblin scavenger
iron ore none
  • ghoul snack: ghoul
  • half-digested piece of meat: crypt shambler
none none
Orc Berserker
  • orc leather: orc leader, orc rider, orc berserker
  • orc tooth: orc leader, orc rider, orc berserker, orc warlord, orc marauder
  • orc skull belt: orc leader, orc warlord
  • warwolf fur: orc rider
  • orcish gear: orc berserker
  • broken crossbow: orc marauder
  • shaggy tail: orc marauder
iron ore, gold ore none
  • hair of a banshee: banshee
none none
  • wyvern talisman: wyvern
none none
  • dragon's tail: dragon
  • green dragon leather: dragon
  • green dragon scale: dragon
none none
Vicious Squire
  • small notebook: vicious squire, renegade knight, vile grandmaster
iron ore none
  • red piece of cloth: hero
  • scroll of heroic deeds: hero
none none
Black Knight
  • skull: black knight
none none
Earth Elemental
  • lump of earth: earth elemental, massive earth elemental
none none
Lost Husher
  • red hair dye: lost husher, lost thrower, lost basher, lost berserker
  • wimp tooth chain: lost husher
  • bloody dwarven beard: lost thrower
  • skull shatterer: lost husher
  • broken throwing axe: lost thrower
  • lost basher's spike: lost basher
  • iron ore: lost berserker, enslaved dwarf
iron ore, copper ore none
Bog Raider
  • boggy dreads: bog raider
none none
Giant Spider
  • spider silk: giant spider
none none
Dragon Lord
  • red dragon leather: dragon lord
  • red dragon scale: dragon lord
copper ore none
  • hydra head: hydra
none none
Mad Mage
  • mind stone: mad mage
  • luminous orb: energized raging mage
none none
  • orb: demon
  • demon horn: demon
none none
Temple Witch
  • beetroot: temple witch
none none
  • werewolf fur: werewolf
  • werewolf fangs: werewolf
  • glob of mercury: mercury blob
copper ore none
  • terramite legs: terramite
  • terramite shell: terramite
  • terramite eggs: terramite
none none
Serpent Spawn
  • snake skin: serpent spawn
  • winged tail: serpent spawn
none none
Leaf Golem
  • fir cone: leaf golem, wilting leaf golem
  • dowser: leaf golem, wilting leaf golem
none none
Forest Fury
  • venison: forest fury
  • elven hoof: forest fury
none poplar branch
Corym Skirmisher
  • cheese cutter: corym charlatan
  • soft cheese: corym charlatan
  • rat cheese: corym skirmisher
  • bola: corym skirmisher
  • earflap: corym vanguard
silver ore none
Cave Devourer
  • cave devourer leg: cave devourer
  • cave devourer maw: cave devourer
  • cave devourer eye: cave devourer
none none
Mutated Human
  • mutated flash: mutated human, mutated rat
  • mutated rat tail: cave devourer
  • stone herb: mutated rat
  • fern: mutated human
none none
Water Elemental
  • ice flower seeds: water elemental
  • antidote potion: massive water elemental
silver ore none
  • strand of medusa hair: medusa
none none
  • essence of a bad dream: nightmare
  • scythe leg: nightmare
none none
Clay Guardian
  • small stone: clay guardian
none birch tree
Shadow Behemoth
  • perfect behemoth fang: behemoth
  • behemoth claw: behemoth
none none
Jungle Worm
  • abyssador's lash: jungle worm
none none
Redfang Spider
  • spider fangs: redfang spider
none none
Stone Devourer
  • crystalline spikes: armadile
  • stone nose: stone devourer
  • battle stone: armadile
silver ore none
  • holy ash: lich
  • lancet: shadow pupil
  • blood tincture in a vial: blood hand
  • incantation nones: shadow pupil
  • guild contribution: blood hand
none none
Orclops Doomhauler
  • bug meat: orclops doomhauler
  • blastoise scale: orclops ravager
  • bone toothpick: orclops doomhauler
silver ore none
Stone Eating Beast
  • blastoise scale: stone eating beast
none none
  • hellspawn tail: hellspawn
none none
Underworld Spirit
  • withered pauldron: underworld spirit
  • tarnished rhino figurine: broken shaper
  • cave tunip: broken shaper
  • rhino horn carving: shaper matriarch
  • cracked alabaster vase: shaper matriarch
none none
Graveyard Demon
  • bone fetish: graveyard warrior
  • pelvis bone: graveyard skeleton
  • demonic skeletal hand: graveyard demon
none none

Hoelbrak Spawns

Spawn Name Creature Products Mining Lumberjacking
  • rope belt: nomad
  • dirty turban: nomad
none none
Pirate Manhunter
  • compass: pirate manhunter, pirate skullcrusher, undead pirate, pirate spirit
  • eyepatch: pirate manhunter, undead pirate
none fir tree pieces of wood
Lost Soul
  • demonic essence: lost soul
none none
Undead Gladiator
  • demonic essence: undead gladiator
none none
  • wyrm scale: wyrm
  • soul orb: elder wyrm
copper ore, iron ore, gold ore none
Burning Gladiator
  • sea horse figurine: burning gladiator
none none
  • vampire teeth: vampire, vampire bride
  • vampire dust: vampire
  • mysterious voodoo skull: vampire bride
  • tooth file: vampire viscount
  • vampire's cape chain: vampire viscount
  • bat wing: vicious manbat
  • blood preservation: vicious manbat
copper ore, gold ore, platinum ore none
Sandstone Scorpion
  • pile of grave earth: sandstone scorpion
  • safety pin: sandstone scorpion
none none
  • bonelord eye: beholder
  • small flask of eyedrops: beholder
  • elder bonelord tentacle: elder beholder
  • giant eye: elder beholder
none none
Young Moana
  • lump of earth: young moana, adult moana
  • clay lump: young moana, adult moana
  • pulverized ore: young moana, adult moana
none none
Ancient Scarab
  • piece of scarab shell: scarab
  • scarab pincers: ancient scarab
gold ore none
Blue Djinn
  • blue piece of cloth: blue djinn
  • blue rose: blue djinn
  • green piece of cloth: green djinn
  • small oil lamp: green djinn
none none
Noble Lion
  • lion's mane: noble lion
gold ore none
Undead Dragon
  • hardened bone: undead dragon
  • unholy bone: undead dragon
none none
Dawnfire Asura
  • golden lotus brooch: dawnfire asura, midnight asura, asura warrior
  • peacock feather fan: dawnfire asura, midnight asura, asura warrior
  • mysterious fetish: dawnfire asura, midnight asura, asura warrior
none none
Grim Reaper
  • mystical hourglass: grim reaper
none none

Winterhold Spawns

Spawn Name Creature Products Mining Lumberjacking
Glacier Crystalcrusher
  • glacier ice piece: glacier crystalcrusher, glacier crystal golem
  • crystalline spikes: glacier crystalcrusher, glacier crystal golem
none none
Glacier Troll
  • frosty ear of a troll: glacier troll
  • icy flower: glacier troll
platinum ore, mythril ore none
Glacier Spider
  • glacier spider silk: glacier spider
  • elemental crystal: glacier spider
none none
Glacier Witch
  • glacier earmuffs: glacier witch
  • glacier blossom: glacier witch
none none
Glacier Dragon
  • glacier dragon leather: glacier dragon
  • glacier spider scale: glacier dragon
copper ore, gold ore, platinum ore, mythril ore none
Frozen Wolf
  • icecold crystal: frozen wolf
  • frozen wolf paw: frozen wolf
  • glacier orb: frozen wolf, animated snowman
none none
Chakoya Tribewarden
  • ice flower seeds: chakoya tribewarden
  • glacier dust: chakoya tribewarden
none none


Available after finishing Glaciersteel Quest.


Spawn Name Creature Products Mining Lumberjacking
Golem Factory
  • gear crystal: glacier war golem
  • war crystal: glacier war golem
  • glacier chunk: glacier war golem
none none
Quara City
  • quara tentacle: glacier constrictor
  • quara pincer: glacier pincher
  • quara eye: glacier hydromancer
  • mantassin tail: glacier mantassin
  • quara bone: glacier predator
  • fish fin: glacier constrictor, glacier predator, glacier hydromancer
none none
Ice Golem Mountains
  • frosty heart: glacier golem
none none
Giant's Ridge
  • frost giant pelt: glacier giant, glacier giantess
none none
Frostmancer's Domain
  • life crystal: frostmancer
  • ice soil: frostmancer
none none
Barbarian Camp
  • ?
none none