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Beside having a nice and welcoming community, donations are the main way to keep the server active and growing.

Donating to the server makes it possible to:

  • Renewal expenses with server hosting to keep it active
  • Invest on professionals work to have a larger variety of unique systems and sprites
  • Advertise the server on most platforms, approaching new players and many more!

Donation Points

Donation Points makes you able to buy stuff on Store to boost your advance through the era. Some of the offers are:

  • Mounts that gives your character cummulative bonuses
  • Experience scrolls to speed up your experience gain
  • Golden boxes that gives you random rewards usable for character or item upgrading
  • Stamina and energy refillers, so you never run out of resources
  • Training weapons to boost your skills and maximize your damage output


Jewels are mostly spend to buy cosmetics from Jewel Shop. Some of the offers are:

Some Jewel Shop offers are legacy, which means items will return back to your character even when a new season starts.


  • Receive your donation points back every season in a 75% rate.
  • Donations made before server starts, always have exclusive legacy cosmetics (which gives you permanent bonuses).
  • Fast forward your advance through the era.
  • Receive extra special rewards on some donations values (check table below)
  • Mounts gives you permanent skills and damage boosts along the season, which aids you through combat.
  • And many more!


1. Payments are final and non refundable.

2. What you do with your coins ingame is your entire responsability.

3. You commit that you are the owner of the account in which you are going to do the payment.

4. You agree that the staff will not be held responsible in case you loose your coins for account trading and sharing.

5. You agree that the staff will not be held responsible in case you loose your coins for trading in game.

Payment Methods

  • Paypal

Donation Points Table

Donated coins will be forever saved in your account in a 75% rate and will be given back to you in further seasons.

Price Amount 75% Rate Next Eras Special Rewards
$10 500 donation points 375 donation points doesn't contain
$20 1038 donation points 778,5 donation points 1x nocturnal global booster
1x zoltyum shard
$40 2104 donation points 1578 donation points 2x nocturnal global booster
2x zoltyum shard
$60 3240 donation points 2430 donation points 4x nocturnal global booster
3x zoltyum shard
$100 5500 donation points 4125 donation points 8x nocturnal global booster
5x zoltyum shard
$200 11500 donation points 8625 donation points 18x nocturnal global booster
10x zoltyum shard
$300 17250 donation points 12937,5 donation points 28x nocturnal global booster
15x zoltyum shard

Jewels Table

Jewels are season restricted. They will not be returned in next seasons.

Some Cosmetics purchased on the jewel store are legacy and these items will be delivered back to you every season.

Price Amount Special Rewards
$35 1750 jewels 2x nocturnal global booster
2x zoltyum shard
$70 3500 jewels 4x nocturnal global booster
4x zoltyum shard
$140 7700 jewels 10x nocturnal global booster
8x zoltyum shard
$280 16800 jewels 22x nocturnal global booster
16x zoltyum shard
$420 27300 jewels 34x nocturnal global booster
24x zoltyum shard
$500 32500 jewels 50x nocturnal global booster
34x zoltyum shard