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Karma Shop

By staying online for 5 minutes, you will receive a shadow coin. Those can be spent on Knoxville NPC.

Some offers might be recursive. Recursive offers means that items price will increase every time you purchase it within a 1-day range (from 00:00am to 23:59pm)

Some offers can also be character bound, like stamina refillers and system charges, which means you won't receive anything on your backpack.

Since Season 2, you are able to spent veteran token to buy elites or champion tokens on the shop aswell.

Zoltyum KarmaShop.png

Below you can see all the category of items and cosmetics you can acquire on the Shadow Coin Shop.

Knoxville Shop


To see all addons obtainable via Shadow Coin Shop, look on this dedicated page for addons.


Name Price Description
dungeon pass 50 (recursive) Usable to enter the dungeons
champion challenge pass 50 (Recursive) Usable to fight the champion challenge
energy drink 50 Usable to restore your energy in 250 points.
stamina refill potion 40 This potion will restore your stamina in 5 hours if it is below 40h.

NOTE: Using stamina refiller for example at 39 hours stamina left, you'll receive only 1hr of stamina on the max cap of 40.

Vet Shop

Name Price Description
elite token 50 veteran tokens Usable on the mystic forge.
champion token 150 veteran token Usable on the mystic forge.