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Tasks are a great way to upgrade your character and gear, and every spawn can grant you rewards based on the monster and the chosen difficulty.

The reward you can get by finishing tasks are:

Starting A Hunting Task

To get started with tasks, enter the Hunting Grounds teleport and pick up a spawn lobby.
Inside every spawn lobby, there is a Tasker NPC with the tasks for that level range you step in.


Say Tasks to Tasker NPC, and he will show you a list with all the hunting tasks you can get from him.


As soon as you select a hunting task, it will give you three different difficulties:


Easy: Grants you normal rewards, and requires you to kill a fewer amount of monsters.
Medium: Grants you 2x rewards, but requires you to kill 2x the amount of monsters from easy difficulty.
Hard: Grants you 3x rewards, but requires you to kill 4x the amount of monsters from easy difficulty.

It means that, if easy difficulty asks you to kill 150 monsters, the medium difficulty will ask you to kill 300 monsters, and the hard, 600 monsters, for example.

Task Tracker

Once your task is active, all you must do is kill the task monster until you finish the hunting task.
To make it even better, you can use the Task Tracker to check your progress.


Finishing A Task

As soon as you finish your hunting task, a message will pop on the screen and your reward will be sent directly to your backpack.
Remember to have enough free slots on your backpack or enough capacity for it.


After that, the hunting task will be on cooldown for 15 hours, where you can pick it up again.
Quick reminder: You can get as many tasks as you want simultaneously , and you won’t lose your task progress if you die.

Every task you finish, will grant you Boss Points and you can get more information about it here.

Great Task System

Unlike normal tasks, great tasks is a system oriented to boost the progression of manual players, allowing them to get better amounts of rewards than they would receive via normal tasks.
They can also push it to the limit by choosing the highest amount of possible monsters (and receive the highest amount of rewards as possible).

The NPC is located at the entrance of hunting grounds.


Starting A Task

As soon as you talk to him, by saying tasks, he will pop a window with your available tasks, and you can choose the amount of monsters you want to slain.
Slaying more monsters means your rewards will be increased if you successful finish it, because it can be failed.


Captcha And Task Cancelling

Different than common hunting tasks, great tasks comes with a captcha that will pop every 5 minutes to validade if you're 100% afk or not.

Answering wrong for the first time pauses the task, and you must type the command !unpausegreattask to resume it.
Answering wrong for the second time will cancel the task, and will make you lose all your progress on it.


If you must take a while from the task, pausing the kill counter and the captcha verification, you can use !pausegreattask command.

Now, if you want to cancel it without failing the captcha or returning to the NPC, you can right-click the counter on ultimate great tasks window, and click on "abbandon task".


Task Completion

Once you finish killing the task without failing the verification, rewards will be sent straight to your backpack, and will be registered on your default channel.


After that your great task will be on cooldown for 1 hour and 30 minutes, then you are free to get another task again.