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"A portal for the battlefields has been prepared in the temple by the ancient mages of Zoltyum."

Battlefields is a time limited event in which you can join with players from a similar continental progress and strength range.
It means that players from a different range will join Battlefields in different instances.

It happens once every 3 hours which means you can join Battlefields 8 times a day.



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  • Battlefield Points from hunting tasks.
  • Shadow Coins from monster orbs.

The higher is the instance you're in, the higher will be your rewards.


  • Since you have a higher orb spawning chance inside Battlefields, equip your better Relics and Boss Fragments to increase your rewards.

Battlefield Hunting Tasks

On the entrance, you can take your Battlefield Hunting Tasks on the NPC.
They work as usual tasks, but medium and hard doesn't actually exists there, they will always give the same rewards and require the same amount of kills.


Battlefields Battlegrounds

First Stage

The main goal of the first stage is to kill all monsters that spawns around the entrance, removing the magic wall to the next stage.


Once you kill the required amount, you'll receive a message and will be able to proceed to stage 2.

You finished stage 1. The gates for stage two have been opened.


Second Stage

The main goal of the second stage is to kill 200 monsters all around the map, removing the magic wall to the next stage.

You can check the Battlefield progress once a monster dies.


When players kills them all, you'll receive a message and will be able to proceed to stage 3.

You finished stage 2. The gates for stage three have been opened.

Third Stage

This is the final stage, which means monsters are stronger than on previous stages but their respawn time is lower, granting you the possibility to farm until the end of the event.


Battlefield Points Shop

Here you can spend your Battlefield Points buying creature products for addons.

Every continent has it's own shop, which means, you can buy creature products from all available continents.