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I hope this guide helps you through the start of your journey on Zoltyum. All I must say is: Don't desperate!

I'll try making it as simple as possible, so at first, feel yourself at home, fellow.

Getting Ready

First of all, you'll spawn on Nocturnia's temple. Take some time and dress yourself with your best colours.
Zoltyum has two built-in bots, I highly recommend you to configure the one that suits you better:

You will have Zoltyum Bot and Slavi Bot.

The main source of healing for all vocations is by using Spells. Make sure to check the spells for your vocation before progressing.


Journey Start

Now that you set up your bot and is ready to start leveling, head east, go downstairs and look for the Hunting Grounds teleports.


Search for the teleports of your level, and before selecting a spawn to slain, read carefully these instructions:

  • Never ever start hunting without taking the highest Task available. The more resources you'll get, the stronger you'll be on the early game.
  • You'll never lose items when you die (even redskulls), but always use blessings through the !bless command to reduce your experience and skill loss.
  • Monsters are different than on RL Tibia, so, don't try killing a Cyclops at level 8.


Before we dive into tasks and monsters, there are a few things you might take a took at first.
Sometimes you'll see special monsters spawn, and some of them will leave you something we call orbs.

I highly recommend you reading about Monster Classes and Monster Orbs, because this will be 101% useful along your gameplay.
It is also the main source to unlock Addons and Mounts by using those creature products you'll gather on orbs.

Oh, remember that you can stow the cummulative items from your backpack in an incredible Mobile Stash.


Getting Stronger

Well, wasn't that hard until here, right?
Now that you got a few more levels, you'll need better gear to be able to hunt on higher level spawns.

The best way to get gear on the early game is through Quests, and at level 50 you might be able to do Rookie Set and Promotion Quest.


Since now you have finished a couple tasks, it is time to improve your gear statuses through Gear Upgrading (remember that some status are transferable).

And since Boss Points are a cummulative reward from tasks, you can hunt down Task Bosses for a chance to get a Relic or a Boss Fragment.

Remember that skills and magic levels are important, so you'd better train to raise your damage output.

Challenging Yourself

For better Gear, you can check out the other available quests around.

If you already have at least 500 Strength Points, you can try doing Dungeons.
Dungeons are designed to make you fight against monsters for your current strength range in custom maps separed by stages, in which you can get a good reward by fishing it.

If you feel that you are strong enough, you can check out the Treasure Guardians that will help you a lot with the gear upgrading process.

You can also participate on Raids, Battlefields and Bastion.

You still have systems like:

What Now?

If you think this is it, just chill.
You're struggling to survive the first continent, and there are six in total, although you might not the able to survive until the snowfall of winterhold. Or do you?

Why don't you take a quick peek on what awaits for you once you get strong enough?

Have a great game!