Exaltation Forge

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Exaltation Forge

Exaltation Forge adds a Tier to your item using exaltation dusts. The higher the Tier is, the stronger the item will be.
The forge is located at South of Royal Shadow Coin Shop.

Exaltation Dusts are obtained through: Monster Orbs, Smelting, and Bastions.


This is an example of what Tier items looks like:


Using The Forge

To try adding a Tier to your items, keep the Exaltation Dusts on your backpack, go to the Exaltation Forge, Right-Click on the left side of the forge, and right click the item you want to put a tier on.


That’s it. If everything goes well, the item will be upgraded, the tier number will appear on the Top Right Corner and a success message will appear.
If it fails, the Exaltation Dusts will be consumed, and the item will not be upgraded to the next tier.

  • From Tier 0 to Tier 1, every try will cost you 10x Exaltation Dust.
  • From Tier 1 to Tier 2, every try will cost you 30x Exaltation Dust.
  • From Tier 2 to Tier 3, every try will cost you 80x Exaltation Dust.
  • From Tier 3 to Tier 4, every try will cost you 160x Exaltation Dust and 15 Exalted Silver.
  • There are 10 tiers in total.

NOTE: Tiers are NOT a transferable bonus, it stays with the item.
It also has a chance of failure. Failing means your exaltation dusts will be consumed, but the item won’t be upgraded to the next tier, it will stay on the same rank.

Since you can't remove the Tier of an item, you are still abre to smelt a Tier item on the Smelting Station to retrieve back some exaltation dusts you spent, but losing your item.