Spell Progress Tree

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Spell Progress Tree

Like Mastery Tree, your character’s main spells can also be upgraded using spell stones.
You can raise attack spells damage, improve healing spells, and even reduce their cooldown using some specific items you’ll find during your journey.

You can check your current spellprogress by using the !spellprogress command, or by clicking on this client button:


Spell Progress Window

Once you acess the Spell Progress Tree, you will be able to see the spells that can be upgraded on your vocation, the words to cast it, its damage stage, and for some of them its cooldown stage.

Every spell level represents a 1% healing or damage boost for your spell, and they will increase by every level your spell actually is.
Note: Math boost is calculated on your base damage or healing, it is not based on flat values.

Some of the spells will also have a CD Stage which means you can lower his cooldown by using cooldown spell stones. Every 3 cooldown level represents a reduction of 0.1 seconds from the spell cooldown.



Reseting Spell Progress

You can also reset stats and retrieve all the spell stones or cooldown spell stones you spent, but this will require a stat reset potionReset stat vial.png, which can be bought in the Store.

How To Obtain

You will get spell stones as spawn crates rewards, champion challenge rewards, and you can buy them on the Dungeon Shop. Cooldown spell stones, you will get as a champion challenge reward.

Continental Spell Progress Tree

On Winterhold (cont 3) you can buy t1 Continental Spell Crystal Spell crystal.png which is available through the Winterhold Frontline Seller.
By using this item, you can open the Continental Spell Progress Tree, and you're able to level your continental spell, which is available on level 1050.

Every upgrade represents 1% of damage increase on the spell, and the required amount of Continental Spell Crystals will increase depending on the spell level.