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Extracting is one of the professions you can enjoy on Zoltyum.

Some of the items acquired by skinning monsters can be used to craft items or even craft addons.

Every dead corpse can be skinned one time and every skinning try will cost you 5 energy points.

It does have a chance of failure, consuming your 5 energy points, and leaving an unsuccessful message.

How To Extract

Getting An Extraction Tool

First of all, buy a Cheap Extraction Tool on Gabel NPC.


Starting The Job

To start skinning, slain the monster, click on his corpse or use your extraction tool on it.

If your trying is successful, items will be sent straight to your backpack.


Remember that you can still obtain creature products from monster orbs aswell, but this system can fast forward your progress.

Extraction Tools

Based on the monster's level range it becomes more complicated to extract creature products from creatures which means you will require higher extraction skills and tools if the monsters are too strong.
Below we display a list of available extraction tools.

Extraction Tool Skill Requirement
Extracttool1.png 0
Extracttool2.png 10
Extracttool3.png 20
Extracttool4.png 30
Extracttool5.png 40