Monster Orbs

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In Zoltyum there are special rewards which can be obtained by slaying monsters, one of them are monster orbs.
Orbs are special rewards that you can obtain by slaying monsters with a % spawn chance, granting you Creature Products and even Tokens.

There are two types of Monster Orbs: Normal Monster Orbs and Special Monster Orbs.

Orb Gathering

Orbs are gathered automatically by using 1 energy point, and as soon as you stay at least 11 SQMs from the orb for 3 seconds.

Every normal creature ingame (without an emblem) has a 1% chance to spawn a monster orb when you slay them.

Orb Classes

Here is a list of the spawn chance for monster class orbs:

Icon Monster Class Spawning Chance Rewards
Normalorb.gif Normal 1%
  • creature products
Veteranorb.gif Veteran 30%
  • veteran token
  • exaltation dust
  • creature products
Eliteorb.gif Elite 100%
  • elite token
  • exaltation dust
  • creature products
Championorb.gif Champion 100%
  • champion token
  • exaltation dust
  • creature products