Monster Level

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Generally monster tend to vary in strength and experience based on their location, but, to be honest, sometimes the good spawns are just not enough for everyone to reach or enjoy, those places tend to get overcrowded so in Zoltyum we decided to create an ultimate monster level system, providing epic hunting spots for everyone based on their level range and even facing higher level monsters of the same class in other areas or challenges.

This system allows us to always provide awesome hunting spots for everyone and never running out of cool creatures for you to face.

Each monster level represents a boost in:

  • Health points
  • Experience
  • Attack damage (Basic Attacks)
  • Spell damage
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • And defense spells (like healing)

The values are different on each monster so be prepared.

You still have a chance of spawning Special Monsters while slaying creatures, so, be careful.