Frontline Battlegrounds

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Frontline Battlegrounds

Frontlines is a solo system very simillar to dungeons (but several times challenger).

Inside there, you will find different dungeons and will be able to get points which can be spent on the Frontline Shop.



  • 8k strength


  • Frontlines have death penalty, so be careful.
  • Runes are allowed, it means you can trap monsters by using magic walls, wild growths or elemental bombs.


Ps: You can check your Frontline Points balance by using the !myinfo command, and going into the currencies tab.

Spawning A Frontline Portal

Frontline portal can be spawned by killing any creature from Hellspawn respawn and above.

Once it spawns, step on the portal and you'll be able to join or cancel your entering on the battlegrounds.

This portal has a low chance to spawn, and is only 100% guaranteed chance if you kill the default max amount, which is 1601 kills.
Ps: You can permanently reduce the max amount of monsters by drinking a frontline maxmob potion



Once you join a Frontline, you will have 10 minutes to slay every monster inside it.

Every slain monster inside Frontlines will give you points based on their rank, and higher continents can increase increase the amount of points your earn.

By default, the ranks are divided by:

  • Common Monster: 10 points
  • White Skull Monster: 30 points
  • Red Skull Monster: 200 points

Ps: There are two frontlines that will grant you 2x points, which are Bloodlust and Halloween.


Remember that you can still keep your points even if you die or time runs out before getting kicked out.

Frontline Shop

These are the items you can buy using your frontline points.

Nocturnia Shop

Item Name Cost Usage
trial of heroes cooldown reset scroll 50000 fl points usable to reset your cooldown on trial of heroes
zoltyumdrome cooldown reset scroll 40000 fl points usable to reset your cooldown on zoltyumdrome
dungeon pass 10000 fl points grants you a dungeon charge
bastion charge scroll 30000 fl points grants you a bastion charge
full stamina elixir 20000 fl points usable to refill completely your stamina
champion token 3000 fl points usable on the mystic forge

Winterhold Shop

Item Name Cost Usage
t1 trait stone 2750 fl points usable on trait system
t1 continental spell crystal 2500 fl points usable to level your continental spell
t1 ominous lamp 55000 fl points it is a relic
fourth relic slot unlocker 200000 fl points unlocks your fourth slot to equip relics